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Envizi is among a few providers at the forefront of the energy management software market worldwide.

Their proven ability to capture, integrate, and manage energy data for large firms in different industries gives them a strong competitive advantage.

David Metcalfe, Director, Verdantix
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Envizi supports more than 120 enterprise clients across some 60,000 locations
in 112 countries.

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Trusted by the world's
leading corporations.

Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist

We view Envizi as a key part of our effort to achieve
Microsoft's business and environmental sustainability goals.

Envizi is a global, cloud based software platform that distils complex sustainability and energy data into powerful insights.

Envizi - What We Do

We help businesses drive efficiency, profitability and improved environmental outcomes.

Discover how we support more than 120 enterprise clients across some 60,000 locations in 112 countries


Envizi is deployed across a wide range of sectors including commercial real estate, education, utilities, government, food services, manufacturing, transport and logistics, information technology, retail, banking and financial services, healthcare, mining and resources, and professional services.

Take control of your data. Start making decisions and reporting with confidence.